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As a pilates teacher it is so important that I work on my own body too. I love her classes as they are challenging and fun. She is very precise with her cueing, ensuring that we maintain the correct position to get the most out of the exercise. They are varied, structured and progressive which allows us all to improve at our own rate. Her classes are always balanced, ensuring that we cover all planes of movement and her exercises are very focused on functional movement so the benefits continue into our daily lives

Philippa Bottrill

Balance Studio

I started going to Phillipa for reformer and mat classes after having my second child, and had an hour or two a week to focus on me again.  I cannot tell you how I LOVED it.  Not only the endorphins from exercising and the power pilates has on the mind and body but the fact that Phillipa was such a great teacher. She will make you smile during something quite tough, and correct you when you need it.  She pushed me in my reformer sessions and I felt stronger and stronger each week.

Anuszka Parente

Core Studio Pilates

Phillipa Butler is a fantastic physiotherapist and Pilates teacher!! She is such a knowledgeable lady and has a lovely down to earth and approachable manner which instantly puts you at ease. She is really encouraging and her treatments in Physio and also Pilates have helped me immensely. She takes a really genuine interest in your full health and tailors her approach accordingly. I would definitely recommend Phillipa.

Jo Brown

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I have been working with Phillipa doing Pilates for the last three years.  I started as a beginner and now I absolutely love my weekly one to one session either on the reformer or online. Phillipa is what I call an investor in people.  She listens to what you are feeling in your body and adjusts the sessions accordingly.  Phillipa has an unbelievable knowledge of how the body works.  My body has improved tremendously in tone, strength and flexibility.  I only wish I had done this sooner.

Christine Shepherd

Trusted by many happy clients

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