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I was walking today in almost gale force winds and as I walked across the field of growing corn watching it blow in the breeze I was reminded of something I had heard about how wind greatly affects plants as they grow.

When plants are seedlings, slight breezes help them grow more sturdy.  Plants grown inside polythene tunnels that have not had exposure to environmental forces are not as resilient as their counterparts grown outside exposed to the elements.  

I was working with a client online this week who had a sprained ankle and we were discussing the healing process: the acute inflammatory phase which lasts for up to 72 hours, the proliferative phase or regenerative phase follows and lasts for a few weeks, and the tissue remodeling phase which can take months.  

This process occurs naturally without any intervention, however an interesting fact about our primitive programming is that our instinct for survival leads us to be risk avoiders, well most of us. So that we might be tempted to rely on supports or adopt altered movement patterns which ‘favour’ the injured part long after the acute phase is past.  This can actually delay recovery and compromise the ‘quality’ of the repair, making the tissue less resilient post injury.

One of the most important advances in the treatment of ligament injuries has come from the understanding that a controlled return to normal levels of activity can stimulate repair and restore normal function.  

This is an important consideration as we approach injured tissues and so like the young plant blown in the breeze, healing tissues need to be exposed to progressively more normal stresses and strains in order that the tissues will be robust once the injury is resolved.

As a Chartered Physiotherapist I love working with people to educate and empower them to take their recovery from illness or injury into their own hands, and allow them to return to the activities they enjoy. I am sometimes surprised myself how a remote online consultation can allow people to move on in their recovery with appropriate exercises and advice.

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