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Posture and Pelvis

The Pilates fundamental principle of alignment begins with the Pelvis. We can consider the pelvis as the foundation with the centre of body mass located within the Pelvis.

Move Better, Move More, Live Longer!

As a Physiotherapist and Pilates teacher it has been my privilege to teach people therapeutic exercises for over 30 years. I have come to know that doing any activity which involves movement is better than not moving, but it definitely is the case that we get more ‘bang for our buck’ if we are Moving Well.

How Exercise Increases Resilience in Tissues

One of the most important advances in the treatment of ligament injuries has come from the understanding that a controlled return to normal levels of activity can stimulate repair and restore normal function.  

Could the Menopause be affecting your bones?

Menopause is an experience all women will share at some point in our lives and even in this modern age our menopause is something we stoically accept and rarely discuss.

Are you a Nervous Nellie, a Worry Wart or a Hand Wringer?

Well I never used to be, but unexplained anxiety is definitely something I have struggled with for a few years now through my perimenopause, and it shows no sign of abating even now that I am in the menopause proper.  

Pilates for Bone Health

The benefits of exercise are undisputed; maintaining bone mass, improving muscle strength and flexibility. My penchant for Pilates to tackle bone loss is borne out of my many years of experience practicing and teaching Pilates.

Pilates to prevent Dementia... Really?

Listening to the Menopause Doctor Dr Louise Newson this week I was not surprised to hear that the loss of oestrogen following the menopause increases our risk of Osteoporosis but more surprisingly that declining hormone levels also contribute to an increased risk of dementia.

Pain is in the brain

I spent a day in the clinic on Friday and it got me thinking about Pain. Probably not that surprising as not many people book a Physiotherapy appointment when they feel tickety boo. Pain is a great motivator, it is intended to cause action to protect us. Did you know that a Pain experience depends on how much danger you think you are in not how much danger you actually are in.